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User reviews of the Complete Data software.

As a salesperson I mastered my craft of selling real estate through the framework and scaffold of Complete Data. It was the only system that was strategically connected to the training and coaching I was receiving.

I would learn something, I could then go back to Complete Data and implement the prospecting, buyer and vendor management strategies to Build my career.

Today I am a Principal and Business Owner and have been able to expand the exact same system to be the enterprise database for all my offices

And 65 staff. The fact we use the same system has allowed me to replicate performance to others and build other brilliant real estate careers of

My team coming through the ranks. Complete Data is the only system available that allows the customisation of the Harris Real Estate business practices.

Thank you CD team for your dedication, flexibility and sheer vision that stays focused on the real estate sales process, not just the distraction of ever changing technology.

Phil Harris, Phil Harris Real Estate

Phill Harris

I have been using Complete Data for over a decade and through all the trends of software, iPads and technology this is the only simple system

That allows me to have a focus on prospecting, capture all buyer and seller notes that lead to the opportunities for me to win business.

CD emails, generates SMS templates and has a speed and search ability that the entire team can benefit from.

Mat Steinwede

Mat Steinwede

We have been extremely satisfied Complete Data users since 2009.

Complete Data has grown and changed with me, as my business has grown from an individual sales rep, to an EBU and to an independent agency. Complete Data and our Real Estate Academy coaching has been instrumental in improving our processes and systems.

Client satisfaction levels are far better than they were pre CD! Our Buyer management, in particular, has improved drastically since implementing CD. CD enables us to capture clean data and categorise our contacts so that we can communicate far more effectively with them.

Task management is also far more systemised and automated, so there is less “stuff” to carry around in our heads and this leads to task completion and client satisfaction. Service Area has been a bonus also, as it allows us to track the property rather than the person and constantly monitor our farm areas and assess our performance.

CD is always evolving and improving – we can’t wait to see where Lee takes it in the future! Wherever it goes, we will be on board! Support is always friendly and efficient – they’re an amazing team with a real understanding of our industry challenges.

Thanks so much Lee and the Complete Data staff.

Julie Ormston, Director, One Agency

Julie Ormston

Complete data has been our software of choice for 8 years now, a decision we’ve always been delighted with, it’s the only program designed by real estate agents for real estate agents. The functionality of the program is perfect for sales people to set & forget about to move onto their next task.

The support given by Cathy on the crew for training, customizing the system is always fantastic. Complete data is a system which continually evolves & helps give you an edge in the market place.

Thank you for helping make our business better for everyone involved , staff & clients.

Steve Grimbas

Steve Grimbas

Complete Data has changed the way we do business. It's use of trails separates it from other CRM's that we have used in the past. It ensures our runway system runs smoothly and ensures our prospecting is taken care of. The support and ongoing training is second to none also.

The lifeline of our business!

Nathan Casserly, Auctioneer, Ouwens Casserly Real Estate

Nathan Casserly

Using Complete Data effectively has allowed me to reduce my administration workload by automating tasks and templating forms and brochures, and provided for me a more automated and systematic process to be able to more thoroughly follow up buyers and provided easy to produce information for my vendors at the click of a button. When used to its full capability, Complete Data really offers an agent Complete support.

Mark McGill, Amber Werchon

Mark McGill